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Using Pastel with your Team
Using Pastel with your Team

Getting feedback from your team is essential. You can use Pastel to get better feedback from your team.

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Getting your team set up with Pastel is really simple.

If you’re currently on the Free plan, you can upgrade to a team plan by going to your billing section.

Once you’re on one of our team plans, you can invite your team members from your team page. Just send an invite and they’re good to go.

If someone on your team already has a Pastel account with the email address you invite, they’ll be added to the team and all their canvases will be visible alongside other team canvases.

All canvases created by team members will be visible to everyone else. You can rename canvases, add canvases to Projects, as well as search and filter from your dashboard to keep things organized. Learn more about organizing your canvases here.

If you're on either of our Studio or Enterprise plans, you can also leave private comments that are only visible to members of your team. Learn more about private commenting here.

You can export comments to project management tools from any canvas and setting up the integrations can be done by any team member. Once an integration is set up, it can be used by everyone on the team.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your team on Pastel, don’t hesitate to reach out on our chat in the bottom right of the page or by email at

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