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Feedback is only useful if you can act on it. Learn how to export comments left in Pastel to your favorite project management tool.

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Feedback in Pastel wouldn’t be too useful if you can’t act on it. We know you have your own process so we want to fit into it as seamlessly as possible. Exporting Pastel comments to your favorite project management tool is one way we’re working towards that goal. 

Getting set up takes about a minute. To access the export button within any canvas, click on the circle icon on the far right side of the canvas footer. A menu will pop up.

Select the "export feedback" button, choose your project management tool and follow the prompts.

Currently, we support Trello, Monday.com, Asana, JIRA, and a custom webhook export. Zapier is now available and other tools are also on the way - if you'd like to see any specific integrations feel free to drop us a line at hello@usepastel.com

When you export a comment, you get the text, metadata, screenshot, and a link back to the original comment. 

And if you’re on a team account, when you set up an integration your entire team will have access to it right away.

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