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How to stop email notifications for your clients
How to stop email notifications for your clients

Steps on how to turn off email notifications for your clients

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Sometimes you may want to disable client email notifications when working on the feedback they've left, or clients may not want to receive constant updates by email. If that's the case, you can stop email notifications for your client through your profile page.

You'll see an email notification toggle, just switch the toggle to off (should be grey when off) then hit "Save changes".

When you toggle off notifications for clients through your profile page, that will turn off all email notifications for anyone that is not part of your team. This means you don't have to turn on the toggle for client emails but if you ever want clients to receive emails again, just toggle the client email notification back to the right.

Because client emails will now be turned off, in the case a client wants to receive email notifications for the canvas they're reviewing, they can opt in to receive emails for that one canvas. Click here to learn how to manage canvas notifications.

Note: if your team members also want to turn on or off receiving email notifications, they can do that through their own profile page.

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