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Review Marketing Emails in Pastel
Review Marketing Emails in Pastel

Get feedback and approvals on your marketing emails in Pastel. No more endless test emails, get input from anyone with a single link.

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With Pastel for email, you can get feedback and approvals from your clients and entire team just by sharing a single link. To get started, create an email canvas. and share the link with anyone to get feedback.

Create an email canvas

Creating an email canvas is as easy as sending an email. To get started, just click “Create a canvas” at the top right of your dashboard.

Screenshot of canvas creation in Pastel dashboard.

Here you’ll find your own personal email address for creating Pastel email canvases.

Pastel email canvas creation modal in the Pastel dashboard.

Like any other email, you can send an email to this address, except an email canvas will be automatically created for you in your dashboard. Whether you’re sending a demo email from your email service provider for your latest campaign, or forwarding an email from your inbox, it just works.

When you create an email canvas, you’ll also get your new canvas link in your inbox, so you can easily find it without having to hop over to your Pastel dashboard.

Alternatively, you can also upload an EML file to create an email canvas. You can download an email as an EML file from your email client, such as Gmail.

Pastel email canvas creation modal in the Pastel dashboard with the EML file option highlighted.

Once you have an email canvas created, you can share the canvas link with anyone to get feedback just like you would with a website, image or PDF. Copy suggestions, approvals, assigning comments, feedback deadlines, following links, and everything else works exactly the same way as with other canvases.

However, there are a couple unique aspects of email canvases. For one, you’ll see the email Subject, Preview text, From, and To addresses at the top of the canvas. You can comment and make copy suggestions on these, just like you would on any other part of the email.

Commenting on an email subject line in a Pastel email canvas.

Project-Based Canvas Creation

Cut an extra step when creating canvases by creating a canvas inside the Project it belongs to! Any canvases you create within an already created Project will automatically live within that Project.

Updating an email canvas

As you work through the feedback you get on your marketing emails using Pastel, you’ll need to make updates. To create a new version of an email canvas, you have two options.

You can either upload an updated EML file or send an updated email to the unique address associated with your canvas. You’ll see both options when you click the “New version” button at the bottom left of a canvas.

New version creation in a Pastel email canvas.

Just like you have a unique email address to create new email canvases in your dashboard, each email canvas has an associated unique address with this format: username+{canvas-subdomain}

For example, if your email canvas has the link, your unique email address for that canvas would be

Those are the basics of email canvases. To create your own and start getting feedback on emails, head on over to your dashboard.

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