Assigning Comments

Delegate the workload in a canvas by assigning comments to specific people.

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With Pastel, getting good feedback is now the easy part! But someone still has to sort through all the comments and act on them. That's where assigning comments come in!

Assigning comments

Assigning comments makes it even easier to work on feedback directly in Pastel. Delegate and assign specific comments to people on your team and they'll get notified by email that you need their attention.

To get started, just use the dropdown in the detailed comment view to assign comments to anyone on your Pastel team.

And use our search and filter tools to filter to comments assigned to any of your teammates, or on unassigned comments to see what still needs to be addressed.


We always include a link to the canvas when someone gets notified that they've had comments assigned to them so they can jump right back into the conversation. All without a follow-up from you!

Try assigning a comment on a canvas here!

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