Nested Projects

Organize canvases related to the same project or client by creating nested projects within a project in your dashboard.

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As you or your team continue to create more canvases, you can use Projects and Nested Projects to organize your dashboard and make things easier to find. Whether you prefer using the sidebar or working within a project, you can effectively organize your work and streamline your workflow.

Projects and nested projects are available on our Studio and Enterprise plans.

Adding a Nested Project in the Sidebar

Creating a nested project is simple.

  1. Hover over the desired project in your dashboard sidebar where you want to add a nested sub-project.

  2. On the right side of the project, you will see a "+" button. Click on the + sign to create the new sub-project.

  3. Type a new sub-project name in the text field that appears. Press Enter or click outside the text field to save it.

  4. Nested sub-projects inherit the visibility settings of their parent project upon creation.

    1. Nested sub-projects cannot have a visibility greater than their parent project (e.g., a public sub-project within a private parent project is not possible).

Adding a Nested Project within a Project

  1. Navigate to the project where you want to create a sub-project.

  2. Click on the "New sub-project" button which is located next to or under the search bar (position may vary depending on screen size).

  3. A new sub-project icon will appear at the bottom. Type in the name of the new sub-project and press Enter or click outside the text field to save it.

You can continue to create new sub-projects within a previous sub-project.

Moving Canvases to Sub-Projects:

Using the Dashboard Sidebar:

  1. Make sure the sub-project where you want to move the canvas is visible in the dashboard sidebar.

    1. If not, click the chevon on the left of the project name to expand it.

  2. Click the canvas you wish to move and drag the canvas into the desired sub-project. Release to drop the canvas into the sub-project.

Using the "Move To..." Button:

  1. Hover over the canvas you want to move and click on the "Move To..." button that appears on the left-hand corner of the canvas.

  2. A modal will appear with a list of projects and sub-projects. Select the desired project or sub-project for the canvas and click on it.

  3. Confirm and move the canvas to the selected project or sub-project.

You can remove a canvas from one project to another in the same modal. You can also create a new project to move the canvas to.

Additional Notes:

  • Deleting a project or a nested sub-project will remove all its contents.

  • It is currently not possible to move a whole project or sub-project into or out of other projects or sub-projects.

  • Guests currently have limited visibility when invited to a project, so they will not see sub-projects within a project.

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