Dashboard Projects

Use projects in your dashboard to organize your canvases.

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As you and your team start to create more canvases, you can use projects to organize your dashboard and make things easier to find.

Projects are available on our Studio and Enterprise plans.

Creating a Project

  1. Creating a project is simple, just click on + New project on the left side of your dashboard.

  2. Once you create a Project, you can add canvases to it by hovering over a canvas and selecting MOVE TO... in the top left of the canvas card.

  3. Canvases can also be moved into Projects by dragging and dropping them into the Project within the left sidebar.

Project-Based Canvas Creation

  • Cut an extra step when creating canvases by creating a canvas inside the Project it belongs to! Any canvases you create within an already-created Project will automatically live within that.

Deleting a Project

You can delete a Project through your dashboard.

  1. Click the “...” more icon to the right of the title. Select “Delete project”. You’ll be able to update the title and description here.

  2. A modal will pop up to confirm your decision. Once you confirm deleting a Project, all canvases will be moved out of the project space to your dashboard.

Those are the basics of Projects! To get started with creating your own Project, head over to your dashboard.

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