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Leave private replies to comments that are only visible to members of your team.

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Being able to get feedback from anyone, without them needing to have a Pastel account, has always been a core part of the Pastel experience. However, sometimes you don’t want everyone to see your comments - whether it’s something that’s not relevant to your clients or you just want it to be for your team’s eyes only, you can use private comments and private replies.

Private replies work similarly to private comments and are available on either our Studio or Enterprise plans. Click here to read more about private comments.

Leaving a Private Reply

  1. In your canvas, click the comment you'd like to reply to privately. You and your team can leave private replies on both public and private comments.

  2. Click post reply to leave a reply like you normally would. Note: All replies to private comments are automatically private as shown by the yellow reply box.

  3. Once you leave a private reply, you’ll be able to see the PRIVATE label in the sidebar as well as a message in the detailed comment view letting you know that this reply is only visible to teammates.

  4. You can add labels like you would a public comment and export private replies to either as a CSV file or to your project management tool!

Private replies will not show up for your clients or anyone that is not part of your team. They also will not be able to leave private replies.

Editing the Privacy of a Comment

You can change the privacy settings of a reply after the fact.

  1. Click on the reply and select “Edit” from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click the eye icon to change who can see the comment. If the comment is private, the text field will also be yellow.

  3. Click save to apply your changes.

  4. Once you've changed the visibility of a private reply to a public reply, the PRIVATE label is removed from that reply.

  5. To change the visibility back to private, follow the same steps again to edit the comment. Click the eye icon to change the reply to be visible only to team members. If the comment is private, the text field will also be yellow.

Those are the basics of private replies. Check it out on one of your canvases here.

Click here to read more about private comments.

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