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What permissions are available to team administrators?
What permissions are available to team administrators?

Difference between a team admin and team member

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When a Pastel team is being set up for the first time, only the account owner has the ability to initially set up team members as administrators.

After that, a team admin will have the same permissions as the account owner, minus having access to the billing page.

This means, as a team admin you can:

  • Add or remove other team members

  • Assign other team users as admins

  • Transfer canvas ownership (even if a canvas is owned by another user)

  • Edit canvases (even canvases owned by other team users)

  • Replace/delete file attachments in a canvas with new files

  • Upload new PDFs and images in a PDF/image canvases

  • Re-arrange images in an image canvas

  • Add new canvas versions

  • Create passwords for Projects

  • Add, edit or remove feedback deadlines in a canvas.

  • Add, edit or remove automated feedback deadline reminders.

Note: The account's billing section will continue to stay hidden from administrators and will be available only to the account owner.


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