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Where does Pastel's data reside when a canvas is created?
Where does Pastel's data reside when a canvas is created?

Details on what data is stored when you create a Pastel canvas.

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Pastel works on top of the live website, so we don't actually store any data related to the website. We just overlay our commenting tools on top of the live website. So while all requests (including any passwords entered) do pass through our servers, we don't log or store anything related to requests sent in canvases.

The data we do store is related to comments. We store names and emails in a secure database and those are not used for any purpose other than to display comments in Pastel and to send notifications for any new activity. We also store comment metadata like comment text, the page, and location on the page where it was left, who left the comment, browser type, and a screenshot of where the comment was left for users to use when exporting comments.

We're also able to permanently delete any user info upon request. You can see our full privacy policy here:

If you have any further questions or specific security requirements regarding using Pastel, please reach out to and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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