Pastel uses a custom proxy technology to display your live website and layer comments on top of it. This means that any changes or updates that are made to the original site will automatically be updated and immediately reflected in the canvas.

If sections within your site are removed after you've left comments, the comments won't be visible on the page but will still be available in the sidebar of the left side of your canvas.

When you click on comments for deleted sections, you will see screenshots that were captured when the comments were initially left. You can use the screenshots to see where the comments were located on the page and additional information (comment text, browser type, screen size, etc).

Disabling Old Domain

You can still access your comments if you ever have to disable the URL for your site. When you change the domain for your website, you will see an error message saying "we can't reach the page" for any canvas you try to load that used that old domain. However, all of your previous comments will still be there, we just won't be able to display them if the original website is not able to load.

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