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Transfering Canvas Ownership
Transfering Canvas Ownership

Here's how to transfer a canvas from one user to another

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You can transfer canvas ownership from one user to another user through your dashboard or within the canvas settings.

This transfer feature is available only on Pastel team plans. Team owners, admins, or canvas owners have permission to transfer ownership.

This means users within the team who aren’t designated as admin will not be able to transfer another user's canvas. They will only be able to transfer the canvases they own. Learn how to make users a team admin here.


  1. In your dashboard, click on the dotted drop-down menu for the canvas you'd like to transfer (located in the top right of the canvas).

  2. Select "Transfer canvas ownership". You'll then be prompted to select who you'd like to transfer the canvas to.

    1. Note: Team members without admin or team leader permissions, will see this notice. They will need to have either the team owner, an admin or the new canvas owner transfer the canvas back to them.

  3. Once a canvas is transferred, the new canvas owner will get all notifications from the canvas. They can also change their notification settings here. The dashboard view will now update to show the icon of the new owner on the bottom left of the canvas.

In the canvas

  1. To access the "Transfer canvas ownership" button within a canvas, click on the circle icon on the far right side of the canvas footer. A menu will pop up.

  2. Similar to the dashboard view, you'll be prompted to select which team member you'd like to transfer the canvas over to. That's the basics of transferring canvases!

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