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Approvals for Pastel Canvases (Finish Review Button)
Approvals for Pastel Canvases (Finish Review Button)

Use the Finish Review button to get approvals on your work from clients, stakeholders, and teammates, all within the same canvas!

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Getting approvals quickly on your work from clients, stakeholders, and teammates is crucial when collaborating digitally. We've added the "Finish Review" feature to help get everyone on the same page, all within the same canvas.

Approvals for Pastel canvases

The approvals feature is available on all Pastel plans (including the Free plan), for all types of canvases, and works independently from other features (commenting on a canvas or pausing comments). You can approve a canvas or request changes without needing to have left any comments in the canvas, and can even do so while the canvas is paused.

Using the Finish Review button does not make comments disappear from the canvas. Use the New Version button to get a new version of your canvas without comments.

How to Approve a Canvas

  1. In a canvas, you’ll find a green button that says,” Review” on the bottom right.

  2. Click the Review button to open the approvals modal. This is where you’ll be able to either approve the canvas or request any changes.

  3. Click the blue “Submit Review” button once you’ve made your choice of either having approved or requested changes in the canvas. This will then update the approvals modal. Your review has now been completed!

  4. And if you had left a comment with your review, you’ll be able to see it by hovering over the dotted lines.


You always have the option to leave another review, even if you have submitted one before, and you can leave multiple reviews over multiple versions of a canvas.

However, approvals are tied to specific versions, so once a new version is created, approvals are reset for all users who previously submitted one.

On your dashboard

You can now see how many people have approved or requested changes on your canvas through your dashboard! Just hover over the circle icon to see a quick view.

This quick view only reflects the status of approvals or requested changes on the most current canvas revision!

These are the basics of Approvals! Test out Approvals on one of your canvases here.

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