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Organize multiple rounds of feedback revisions for any creative project, all within the same canvas.

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Revisions help you separate your multiple rounds of creative work and keep the cycles of incoming feedback organized.

On Website Canvases

All Pastel plans (including the Free plan) can create a new canvas version easily. There are no limits to the number of versions you can create for a canvas.

  1. When you're inside your canvas, click the "+ New version" button in the footer.

  2. A pop-up modal will confirm the creation of a new version. You can optionally name your new canvas version now or edit the name at a later time.

  3. You're now ready to get new feedback with a clear canvas.

Note: Comments on previous canvases can easily be seen when you click on the dropdown and navigate to an older version.

Editing and deleting revisions

You can edit the name of your revisions or delete them.

  1. Hover over the revision you wish to edit or delete. You’ll see a pencil icon on the right. Click on it.

  2. Enter your new version name here and click “Save name”.

  3. If you wish to delete your revision, press “Delete” and you’ll be able to confirm your delete.

On image and pdf canvases

  1. When creating a new version on an image or PDF canvas, upload the new files to your new canvas version.

  2. You'll have a clear canvas created where your reviewers can leave new feedback!

Note: you can always access older versions of your canvas through the revisions dropdown menu.

Sharing Specific Revision of a Canvas

Try creating a new version for one of your canvases by navigating to your dashboard here.

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