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Setting up SAML SSO with Okta for Your Enterprise Account
Setting up SAML SSO with Okta for Your Enterprise Account

A quick guide on how to set up SAML SSO for your Enterprise Pastel team with Okta.

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To start, you'll need to have an enterprise plan with Pastel. If you don't have one, please click on the chat box in the right-hand corner and reach out to get started.

Once that is complete, follow these instructions to set up your Pastel SAML SSO login with Okta.

  1. In Okta, when logged in as an admin, navigate to Applications > Browse app catalog then search for "Pastel".

  2. After finding the Pastel Okta integration, add it to your organization by clicking "Add".

  3. After Pastel has been added to your organization, navigate to Applications again, and then click on the Pastel application in your applications list.

  4. Make sure that Pastel has been activated, then navigate to the "Sign on" tab and click "View Setup Instructions". You'll see a list of fields that you'll be able to copy into the Pastel SSO setup on your teams page within Pastel.

  5. Once you've copied the corresponding fields over, you're good to go! Give it a try by logging into Pastel through your Okta dashboard. From here, you'll be able to enable login access to Pastel to your team through Okta as you normally would.

Important note: after SAML SSO is set up, only the team owner will have the ability to sign into Pastel via email and password. Everyone else on the team will only be able to access Pastel via SSO (i.e. no login via email and password), as long as SSO is enabled for your team.

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