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Review PDFs and Image Files in Pastel
Review PDFs and Image Files in Pastel

Use Pastel for more than just websites and get feedback on designs, documents, or anything else that's an image or PDF. 

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Whether you get feedback on images of your website designs or design illustrations, or you need to review PDF files like logos or brochures before printing, Pastel is here to help.

To get feedback directly on PDFs, animated GIFs, or PNG and JPG images, go to your dashboard. Click the Create a canvas button and choose PDF/image from the dropdown menu.

You'll then be able to upload your PDF or image file to create a canvas.

You can copy the canvas link directly from the canvas card on your dashboard. The first canvas link you share with your team or clients is the only link you'll need to share till the project's done!

You can also find the number of images and pages as an icon

Project-Based Canvas Creation

Cut an extra step when creating canvases by creating a canvas inside the Project it belongs to! Any canvases you create within an already created Project will automatically live within that Project.

Updating PDF and image canvases

On image canvases (PNGs, GIFs, and JPGs), you have the option to upload more image files to your canvas or update existing ones if you've made changes according to feedback. Just replace that image using the ··· button when hovering over an image in the right-hand sidebar. All comments that were previously made will be kept pinned in place.

You can also update an entire PDF in a canvas by clicking "Update PDF" on the bottom right of a PDF canvas. This will replace the entire PDF and retain all comments made on the corresponding pages.

Note: team administrators have the same ability to replace/delete files in a canvas with new files as the team owner and canvas owner. Team admins can upload PDFs, re-arrange images, add and/or delete PDFs and images, and add new canvas versions.

Show/Hide Pins

For both PDF or image files, comments in the sidebar are based on an absolute position on the page rather than tied to specific content or elements on said page.

Use the show/hide pins located on the bottom left-hand side of your canvas to keep comments pinned on the page, or hide them when you’d like to view your file without feedback overlaying it. You can also use the zoom controls on the bottom left to get a better view of what you're giving feedback on.

You can search and filter comments, as well as export them to your favorite project management tool. Read more about exporting here.

To create a PDF or image canvas, just head over to your dashboard and start getting better feedback.

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