Inviting Team Members

Here's how you can invite a teammate to join your Pastel team

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Inviting teammates to join your Pastel team is easy. If you're the team owner or an admin, just head over to your team page

From there, enter the emails of the people you'd like to invite in the "Invite team members" input field and hit "Send invites".

Anyone you invite to your team will get an email with an embedded link to join your Pastel team. If the invited team member doesn't have a Pastel account yet, they'll be asked to create one. Teammates who already have a Pastel account can accept or decline the invite once they log into their dashboard.

You can always resend emails to invited teammates who haven't accepted. If a teammate hasn't received their invitation, ask them to check their spam inbox.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on our chat in the bottom right of the page or by email at if experiencing issues with sending invitations. That's it! You can now tackle feedback sessions faster with your team.

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