Reviewing Websites in Pastel

A Pastel canvas is what you use to get feedback on your website. All comments live within a canvas.

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A canvas is a 1-to-1 representation of your website with feedback overlaid on top.

To create a canvas, just head on over to your dashboard and click the 'create a canvas' button located on the top right of your screen.

Enter your website's URL. You've now created a canvas for your website!

Copy the canvas link directly from the canvas card on your dashboard. The first canvas link you share with your team or clients is the only link you'll need to share till the project's done!

A website canvas is not a snapshot or a copy of your website! We use our custom proxy technology to display your live website and layer comments on top of it. That means if you make a change to your site, the canvas is automatically updated!

Pastel canvases work with any website, regardless of how it was built. So if your site is built with WordPress, React, Angular, or any other web technology you can think of, if it’s responsive, or if it’s viewed on mobile, it’ll work in Pastel.

Project-Based Canvas Creation

Cut an extra step when creating canvases by creating a canvas inside the Project it belongs to! Any canvases you create within an already created Project will automatically live within that Project.

Password-Protected & Private Sites

For private and/or password-protected sites, all you'll need is your username and password to log in. To log into a site, switch the toggle to Browse mode to the left at the bottom of your canvas.

Once logged in, switch back to Comment mode to leave feedback.

Pastel canvases also work with multiple-page websites. You do not have to create separate canvas links for each page. Just switch to Browse mode at any point to navigate through to any link as you normally would, then switch back to Comment mode to leave feedback.

To learn more about how Pastel comments work, click here. You can also learn more about PDF/image canvases and email canvases.

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