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Multi-Select Comments on Canvas article
Multi-Select Comments on Canvas article

Batch Common Actions by Multi-Selecting Comments on Canvas article

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As a canvas owner or admin on the Studio/ Enterprise plans, you have the ability to batch common actions to multiple comments at once.

1: Access the Canvas Sidebar

To begin, access the comment sidebar which will be on the right-hand side of the canvas. where the comments are located.

2: Multi-Select Comments

To multi-select comments, click on the blue circle comment pins in the sidebar.

As you select comments, the blue pins will turn into a grey checkmark. You can also see how many comments you have selected on the top side of the popup.

3: Choose Actions to Batch Update

Once you have selected all the comments you wish to batch update, choose the actions you want to perform.

You can assign a user to comments, change the status of comments, update the visibility of comments, or delete your own comments. Please note that you cannot delete comments written by other users.

4: Confirm Batch Update

After you have selected the actions you want to perform, click the blue "confirm" button. This will apply the selected actions to all of the comments you have selected.

5: Delete Comments

If you prefer to delete comments instead, simply select the comments you want to delete and click on the delete button.

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