Archiving a canvas removes it from your active list of canvases, but it can be restored at any time. This can be useful if you have a lot of canvases and want to focus only on those that are currently relevant to you.

How to Archive

For Studio and Enterprise users:

  1. Select the canvas you'd like to archive from your dashboard.

  2. Click on the canvas card dropdown and select the "Archive canvas” button.

  3. Archived canvases will show a page not found error if you try to load the link.

For Team Plans:

  • All archived canvases can be found in the Archive Folder on the left side of your dashboard.

For Non-Team Plans:

  • Archived canvases will appear under the Archive Tab, which can be found in the dashboard dropdown menu.

Managing Archived Canvases

  • Canvases that have been archived will not appear in search results on your dashboard. You can, however, search for canvases within archived canvases.

  • Clicking on the "New activity" tab will NOT display archived canvases with new activity.

  • Similarly, any canvases in the Archive tab or folder will not reflect any new activity. Before archiving a canvas, make sure to view all new activities in it.

How to Unarchive

To unarchive it later, you can either:

  1. Hover over the canvas to display the β€œUnarchive canvas" button.

  2. Select the β€œUnarchive canvas” button from the canvas dropdown.

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