Feedback Deadline Reminders

Schedule automated reminders of feedback deadlines to keep clients on track, ensuring deadlines are met and feedback is provided on time!

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We understand how stressful it can be for clients to miss a deadline, and how time-consuming it can be to send manual reminders. Deadline Reminders is a powerful feature designed for teams to set feedback deadlines and schedule reminders for clients and team members alike.

On our Studio and Enterprise plans, you can access Deadline Reminders from three different areas in Pastel, making it easy to manage deadlines and reminders. Ensure that deadlines are met and feedback is provided on time!

Accessing Deadline Reminders

The "Deadlines & Reminders" feature can be accessed from three areas:

  1. In Projects:

    1. The Deadline & Reminders button allows you to set deadlines and reminders for canvases within a specific project.

    2. You will only see the canvases you have edit rights to (ie. you are admin, team owner or canvas owner)

  2. On Dashboard:

    1. You can access the Deadline & Reminders feature directly from a canvas card in the dashboard or project by clicking the Share button.

  3. In Canvas:

    1. "Share" button on the canvas footer:

Scheduling a Reminder

To set a reminder, you first need to set a feedback deadline. Once you have a deadline, you can then schedule reminders. Here's how:

  1. If going from the Project page, first select a canvas. If not, this step will be skipped.

  2. Click on the Schedule feedback deadline and reminders button.

  3. Choose a date & time in the future to automatically pause commenting.

  4. Once you have a deadline scheduled, click the Schedule reminders button.

  5. First, choose who to send email reminders to, or enter new emails. Then, select the day and time you want the email to be sent and press Add reminder time.

  6. You can add more than one reminder time. The times you've chosen will appear above the Create reminders button. If you've made a mistake, you can remove a specific reminder time by clicking the "x" on the right.

  7. You can view the reminder queue to see a history of sent, pending and cancelled reminders.

  8. All email reminders will have a Leave Feedback button in the email that directly goes to the canvas or project.

Managing Reminders

You can view the reminder queue to see a history of sent, pending and cancelled reminders.

You can also delete pending or cancelled reminders from your history queue.


  • If you delete or change your feedback deadline, all associated reminders will automatically be cancelled and removed from your history queue. You'll have to schedule new reminders for the new deadline.

  • Deleting pending reminders will delete the reminder completely and will not be sent in the future.

Try it out today from your dashboard and see the difference feedback deadlines can make!

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