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Pastel for Adobe XD
Pastel for Adobe XD

Effortlessly export designs to Pastel, straight from within Adobe XD.

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Do you use Adobe XD to design prototypes? We've created a simple plugin for you to upload your creative work directly into Pastel.

When you're ready to share your Adobe XD designs with your team members and clients for feedback, you can now export artboards and designs directly to a new or existing Pastel canvas. You won't even have to leave Adobe XD to do so.

Getting Started

  1. Make sure to install the Pastel plugin from Adobe Marketplace in order to be able to use it and access it.

  2. Once that's completed, select Pastel from your Adobe plugins menu and sign in to your Pastel account as you normally would.

  3. Select the assets or artboards you want to get feedback on. You'll be prompted to choose whether you'd like to add your designs to an existing canvas or create a new canvas to export your designs to.

  4. If you have existing design canvases, you can either search for them or select them from the dropdown list of all existing canvases.

  5. If you select an existing canvas, you'll be prompted to either add your designs to a previous version or create a new version within that existing canvas. Note: If you're creating a new canvas, you'll be creating your first canvas version.

  6. For customers on a Studio or Enterprise plan, when you create a new canvas, you can also choose to upload it directly to one of your Projects. Select which Project by either searching for it or selecting it from the dropdown list of all existing Projects.

    Note: if you leave this blank, your new canvas will automatically be uploaded to the dashboard by default.

  7. Once a canvas has either been selected or a new one has been created, click the Upload button. You'll then be taken to a screen with your Pastel link. You can continue to upload more designs or copy your canvas link to share for feedback.

    Click the Open canvas link button to be taken directly into your Pastel canvas.

These are the basics of Pastel for Adobe XD. Check it out in the Adobe Marketplace here.

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