Free vs Premium Canvases

The difference between Free and Premium canvases in Pastel

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In Pastel, you can create Free or Premium canvases depending on which plan you are on.

Free canvases have a 3-day commenting window from creation for leaving and receiving new comments. After that window, the canvases go into read-only mode and you're able to view all existing comments but cannot leave new ones. Premium canvases, which are available on our paid plans, have no commenting time limitations, and you can use them to collect feedback for as long as you need to.

On our Free plan, you get unlimited free canvases. Once a free canvas has gone into read-only mode after the 3 day commenting window, you can get additional feedback by either creating a new free canvas or upgrading to a paid account in order to re-activate the existing canvas.

On our Solo plan, you get 3 premium canvases and unlimited free canvases. You can select which of your canvases are premium, and those canvases will have no time limitations. After you’ve created three premium canvases, any additional canvases created will be automatically designated as a free canvas. You can create as many free canvases as you need like in the free plan, with those canvases having a 3-day commenting window. All comments on canvases in read-only mode will always be accessible and stay visible unless you explicitly choose to delete them.

You also have the option to switch any of your canvases between premium and free. For example, when a free canvas is older than 3 days, it expires and will be in a read-only mode. But you can reactivate it for commenting if you switch it to a premium canvas, which would enable you to get more feedback with an unlimited commenting time. If you already have 3 premium canvases, you would just need to select one of your existing premium canvases to be switched to a free canvas. So even if you have more than 3 projects going on at the same time, you can still use the Solo plan if their feedback cycles aren't overlapping.

On our Studio and Enterprise plans, you get unlimited premium canvases, so all the canvases you create have no time limits and are active for as long as you need them, along with additional features.

To upgrade your plan, just head on over to your billing section and start getting better feedback.

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