Labeling Pastel Comments

Add custom labels to comments to help keep things organized.

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Adding a label to comments can be a helpful way to keep things organized. In Pastel, labels are completely customizable, so you decide whether you want to use them to assign a comment to a specific person, indicate a status, or anything else that you can think of.

Adding a label to a comment is easy. If you're on our Studio or Enterprise plans, just head over to the detailed view of any comment and click the + sign in the Labels section. 

From there, either choose an existing label or create a new one. Each label has a colour associated with it, to make it easier to find things at a glance.

Once you add a label, it will be visible in both the detailed comment view and the preview with all comments.

You can also filter on labels by using the filter menu in any canvas - just click on the search bar and select Filter.

Those are the basics of labels. To get started with creating your own labels, head over to your dashboard.

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