Sometimes as the canvas owner, you may not want to get email notifications about every new activity within your canvas. Similarly, you may want to get notified about new activity in a canvas that is owned by someone else on your team.

You can manage and opt-in or opt-out of receiving email notifications for new canvas activity through that specific canvas' setting!

  1. Just click on your icon located on the lower right-hand side of the canvas and click on "canvas notification settings":

  2. In the setting page that pops up, select the option you'd like.

    1. Choose "All activity and comments" if you want to get email notifications for new activity within that canvas.

    2. Choose "Only replies or activity on my comments" to get notified only about activity related to your comments.

Note about email notifications: we batch all-new activities in a canvas together and send only one email notification every 30 minutes to avoid flooding users' inboxes with too many emails. If a comment is viewed in the canvas or notifications are marked as read in the dashboard, an email doesn't get sent out for that new activity!

That's it for email notifications! You can also learn more about email notifications for accounts and for clients here.

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