In a canvas, you can now edit any text element on your page to help make reviewing and gathering feedback even easier.

To get started, just click on any text element on the page you’d like to change and you’ll see a button above the comment box with the option to “Change this text”. When you select this option, you now can change the text to your updated copy.

You can opt to cancel the changes or save your changes, and on our Studio and Enterprise plans, select who this text edit is visible to by selecting "Seen by: Team/Everyone” at the top of the page. This edit then saves as a regular comment, and will be organized in the sidebar with all your other comments.

When you view your edit, you will be able to look at the before and after right on the page. This will visibly show you when text was deleted, edited, or when new text was added.

You and your team can view the edits, leave replies, add labels and export it, just like you would a normal comment.

Those are the basics of editing a text element. Check it out on one of your canvaseshere.

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