When you enter a URL in your Pastel dashboard, a canvas is created.

A canvas is a 1-to-1 representation of your website with feedback superpowers overlain on top.

A canvas is not a snapshot or a copy of your website. We use our custom proxy technology to display your live website and layer comments on top of it. That means if you make a change to your site, the canvas is automatically updated. There’s no need to create a new one and re-share it with your team or clients - the first link you send is good until the project’s done.

Canvases work with any website, regardless of how it was built. So if your site is built with Wordpress, React, Angular, or any other web technology you can think of, if it’s responsive, or if it’s viewed on mobile, it’ll work.

Another benefit of canvases is that they work with multiple page websites. There’s no need to create separate links for each page or send multiple things to your team and clients. Just turn commenting off at any point to navigate through to any link as you normally would, then turn commenting back on to leave feedback.

All comments are organized in the sidebar by page and have browser and screen size info, along with a screenshot of where the comment was left. So you’ll have all the information you need to act on the feedback.

You can search and filter comments (available on team plans) and export them to your favourite project management tool.

To create a canvas, just head on over to your dashboard and start getting better feedback.

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