You can now earn rewards for sharing Pastel with our referral program! To start earning rewards, just share the unique link from your Rewards page with anyone in your network or enter an email to share Pastel directly.

Everyone that signs up through your link or email invite will get an extended trial on our Solo plan, and get you one step closer to earning a reward! You’ll get an email whenever someone you invite signs up, as well as when you’ve hit a reward tier.

Your pending and confirmed referrals can be found right below your unique link on the Rewards page. A pending referral is anyone that you invited or has signed up through your link but hasn’t confirmed their email.

Once they confirm their email, they will show up in your confirmed referrals, and count towards your rewards. When you’ve referred enough people to redeem a specific reward tier, you can click ‘Redeem” below that reward to claim it!

Head over to your Rewards page to get started! You can also find the Rewards page in the user menu on the top right of your dashboard.

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