Even the best-meaning clients can get carried away with feedback. It's never fun to be halfway through implementing a change, only to get a message from your client that they've changed their mind or want to add something.

With Pastel, you can easily decide when you want to get feedback and when you want to focus on implementing what you already have.

On our Studio and Enterprise plans, you can pause commenting on a canvas through the share modal.

You can also schedule feedback deadlines to better manage when and how long clients can leave feedback. You can choose a time in the future where commenting will automatically be paused.

Once commenting is paused, the canvas becomes read-only and no new comments can be left. When you're ready for more feedback, you can turn commenting back on with one click.

Unpausing a canvas

Click on the blue share icon on the lower right-hand side of the canvas. A blue toggle means currently commenting has been disabled for that specific canvas.

Click the toggle to the left. A grey toggle means that commenting has been turned back on for that canvas. It should look like this:

Now your canvas is ready for new comments! To try out pausing comments, head on over to your dashboard

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