Finding the canvas or comment you need in Pastel is easy. Our dashboard and canvases both feature a simple search bar you can use to find anything.

In the dashboard you can search by the canvas name, website URL or canvas creator.

In a canvas, you can search the commenter's name or anything in the comment text. There are also a few search shortcuts you can make use of to make things easier.

If you type filter:desktop or filter:mobile in the search field on a canvas, you will see a filter of only comments that were left on desktop or mobile respectively.

In our Studio and Enterprise plans, you can also search for specific names mentioned in a comment by typing @PersonName in the search bar on a canvas. You can also search comments by their label in the search box on any canvas - just type #[label name] to filter on comments that have that label.

Those are the basic of search. To get started, head on over to your dashboard.

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