Finding the canvas or comment you're looking for in Pastel is easy. Our dashboard and canvases both feature a simple search bar you can use to find anything.

In a canvas, you can search the commenter's name or anything in the comment text. You can also sort comments in a canvas by either most recent or by page, as well as filtering on Active, In Progress, In Review, or Resolved comments.

If you click on the search bar, you also get access to some additional filters you can apply. By clicking on the Filters button, you can filter comments by attributes like comment status, commenter name, page, timeframe, labels and more.

And in the dashboard, you can search for canvases by the canvas name, website URL, or canvas creator.

Those are the basics of searching, sorting, and filtering in Pastel. Just head on over to any of your canvases in your dashboard to get started.

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