So you just got a link to a Pastel canvas and were asked to give feedback. Read on to learn what Pastel is and how to use it - don’t worry, it’s really easy.

Pastel is a feedback tool that makes it super easy for you to give actionable feedback to your team.

To get started, open the link to the canvas and click anywhere on the page. You'll be prompted to enter your name and email so that your team will know who left the feedback and you can get notifications if someone responds to you.

After that, just click and type anywhere on the page to leave feedback.

If you need to give feedback on a different page, you just need to turn commenting off by clicking on the “Commenting on” button in the bottom left.

You can then navigate the site and click on links as you normally would. 

Once you’ve given all your feedback, that’s it! Your team will automatically be notified that you left comments on the page.

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